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Friday, March 17, 2006

My First Post

This is my first blog entry, so it might not be very interesting. My name is David Hurth and I'm the creator of COMMPort, the community portal. I have been developing software/web sites professionally for over 9 years, but I started programming at the age of 12 on an old 8086 PC using GW-Basic. Since this time I have created a number of software programs including multiple internationally published video games. Lately I have been extremely interested in "Web 20." applications. Due to this interest I will be posting information about many interesting web applications in the coming weeks. The first of these posts will be about my work on COMMPort and after that post I will be posting information about various applications that are linked to from the applications window in COMMPort. I hope that you will enjoy these posts.

David Hurth
D.E.H. Software


  • First blog entries are not allowed to be interesting. They are boring my mandate. ;)

    By Blogger Ben, at 7:49 PM  

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